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Smart Building.

IoT LoraWAN.

It saves energy, generates comfort, improves working conditions and allows centralizing the control of the entire building.


Traditional buildings have a robust construction that must take a comprehensive approach today. We can completely transform buildings using IoT devices to extract information about light, indoor air quality, lighting, PIR (motion), energy consumption, security, etc.

Landatel uses Milesight's LoraWAN solutions to obtain information and automate different processes. It is a simple application that allows you to have reduced business expenses.

From its installation, the building becomes smarter, without complications.


  • Upgrading of building systems.

  • Integrate the existing network with innovative new technology.

  • Create consensus for the use of the intelligent building.


We use IoT technology to collect data on various aspects within buildings through LoRaWAN network sensors and IoT Cloud. The building will be more efficient, will optimize costs and will reduce the environmental impact.

  • Energy saving.

  • Improvements in the comfort and health of the occupants.

  • Seamless connection between people and technology.

  • Centralized Building Control