Buy BDCOM S1510-8P-120 8-port gigabit unmanaged POE switch, desktop installation and get the best price!

BDCOM S1510-8P-120 - Switch Gigabit PoE 125W unmanaged 8 RJ45 PoE ports and 2 RJ45 ports

BDCOM S1510-8P-120 - Switch Gigabit PoE 125W unmanaged 8 RJ45 PoE ports and 2 RJ45 ports

BDCOM - BDCOM-S1510-8P-120

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    Multifunctional 1000M PoE switch (8 PoE 1000M ports, 2 GE TX ports; integrated AC220V power supply; 110W PoE power supply, desktop/rack installation)



                      8-port gigabit unmanaged POE switch (8 gigabit POE ports, 2 gigabit Base-T ports, standard AC220V power supply; heat dissipation, desktop installation)


                      BDCOM S1500 Series is a full gigabit large power POE switch introduced by BDCOM. It is designed for the video surveillance and wireless coverage in the medium and small networks. BDCOM S1500 Series have four models: S1510-8P-120, S1510-8P-150, S1510-16P-330and S1526-24P-400, which meets the need of networks of different scales.


                      Switching Characteristics

                      • Non-block switching architecture and wire-speed forwarding supported by all ports;
                      • Integrated professional thunder-proof electric circuit, which is adaptable to the outdoor environment;
                      • Large buffer memory with no video interruption;
                      • IEEE802.3x full duplex flow control and Backpressure half-duplex flow control;
                      • Operating status monitoring and fault analysis through indicators on the panel.


                      POE Characteristics

                      • It can automatically detect and identify the PD complying with IEEE 802.3 at/af;
                      • Large power supply; up to 32W output power on the POE port;
                      • Smart power management and POE overload alarm;
                      • CCTV; up to 250m effective power supply distance.



                      • Plug and play; no need of configuration;
                      • Easy and secure device maintenance;
                      • Easy and convenient installation.


                      Flexible Networking Capacity

                      BDCOM S1500 Series supports 8 100M/1000M, 16 100M/1000M and 24 100M/1000M Base-T ports, which can meet the access requirement of different network scales. S1510-8P-120 and S1510-8P-150 support two uplink gigabit Base-T ports; S1518-16P-330 and S1526-24P-400 support two uplink gigabit SFP ports which can connect to the core network and greatly expand the usage of the device. 

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