Brother TZe-FX631 YELL 12mm

[BRO-TZE-FX631] Brother TZe-FX631 YELL 12mm

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    Flexible tape Yellow Black 12mm TZe-FX631

    Brother P-touch TZe-FX631


    Flexible tape Yellow Black 12mm 


    P-touch labels have been designed to last, regardless of where you use them

    If you need a professional labeling solution for the office, industry or home, Brother P-touch laminated labels have been designed with you in mind. We have put ourselves in your place to know exactly when, where and how our labels are used, to undergo a series of rigorous tests, which means that even when exposed to abrasion, heat, cold, sunlight , water and chemical products, our labels are designed to last.

    Unlike normal labels, our exclusive laminated tape construction technology protects printed text with a polyethylene layer.


    Why do laminated P-touch labels last longer?

    Brother P-touch TZe laminated tapes consist of six layers of material, resulting in a very thin and extremely strong label. The characters are formed with a thermal transfer ink sandwiched between two layers of polyester film protection. The result is an indestructible label that can withstand even the most adverse conditions. In fact, we are sure of the durability of our labels because we have tested them to the extreme, against the effects of abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight. The results prove that Brother's P-touch laminated labels outperform all competitors, remaining fixed and legible, offering a high quality professional product and a durable solution to all your labeling needs.


    Abrasion resistant labels

    The lamination technology, patented by Brother, provides an additional layer of protection that allows our labels to withstand even the strongest abrasion.


    Temperature resistant labels

    If you want to use our labels in freezing conditions or in very hot environments, our labels have been designed to last, we know this because we have tried them to the extreme. In fact, the results show that P-touch Borther laminated labels can withstand temperatures between -80 ° C and + 150 ° C.


    Labels resistant to discoloration

    It does not matter where you use P-touch laminated labels as they have been designed to remain as clear and legible as the day they were applied. Brother P-touch laminated labels in various colors were fixed on stainless steel layers and exposed to an ultraviolet simulator for approximately 12 months, and changes in the base color of the tape were observed (complies with the JIS test K7350-2 / ISO 4892-2). The color of the text did not change and the characters remained fully legible. At first glance there were no changes in the background color of the ribbons, except for the colored ribbons that showed only a slight discoloration.


    Resistance to water and chemicals


    Strong adhesion





    Choose the right tape for each surface


    Laminated tapes TZe

    Superadhesives tapes

    Flexible tapes

    Security tapes

    Flat surfaces


    With relief



    Large curved surfaces (more than 8mm diameter)


    With relief



    Small curved surfaces (less than 8mm diameter)





    With relief




    √ Recommended                                                    •  Acceptable                                                    X Not recommeded





    References of the tapes (background color, font color)

    Width 3.5 mm

    6 mm

    9 mm

    12 mm

    18 mm

    24 mm

    36 mm

    Laminated standard: 8m


    TZe-111 (blue degrade/black)

    TZe-121 (blue degrade/black)

    TZe-131 (blue degrade/black)

    TZe-141 (blue degrade/black)

    TZe-151 (blue degrade/black)

    TZe-161 (blue degrade/black)




    TZe-132 (azul degrade/rojo)







    TZe-133 (azul degrade/azul)







    TZe-135 (azul degrade/blanco)

    TZe-145 (azul degrade/blanco)




    TZe-211 (white/black)

    TZe-221 (white/black)

    TZe-231 (white/black)

    TZe-241 (white/black)

    TZe-251 (white/black)

    TZe-261 (white/black)




    TZe-231S* (white/black)






    TZe-222 (white/red)

    TZe-232 (white/red)

    TZe-242 (white/red)

    TZe-252 (white/red)

    TZe-262 (white/red)



    TZe-223 (white/blue)

    TZe-233 (white/blue)

    TZe-243 (white/blue)

    TZe-253 (white/blue)

    TZe-263 (white/blue)




    TZe-334 (black/orange)

    TZe-344 (black/orange)

    TZe-354 (black/orange)



    TZe-315 (black/white)

    TZe-325 (black/white)

    TZe-335 (black/white)

    TZe-345 (black/white)

    TZe-355 (black/white)

    TZe-365 (black/white)



    TZe-421 (red/black)

    TZe-431 (red/black)

    TZe-441 (red/black)

    TZe-451 (red/black)

    TZe-461 (red/black)




    TZe-431S* (red/black)







    TZe-435 (red/white)






    TZe-521 (blue/black)

    TZe-531 (blue/black)

    TZe-541 (blue/black)

    TZe-551 (blue/black)

    TZe-561 (blue/black)




    TZe-535 (blue/white)


    TZe-555 (blue/white)



    TZe-611 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-621 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-631 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-641 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-651 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-661 (yellowl/black)



    TZe-721 (green/black)

    TZe-731 (green/black)

    TZe-741 (green/black)

    TZe-751 (green/black)


    Laminated fluorescent: 5m




    TZe-B31 (orange/black)


    TZe-B51 (orange/black)





    TZe-C31 (yellowl/black)


    TZe-C51 (yellowl/black))


    Laminated mate: 8m




    TZe-M31 (blue/white)







    TZe-MQL35** (grey/white)







    TZe-MQP35** (pink/white)







    TZe-MQG35** (green/white)




    Laminated metal: 8m




    TZe-M931 (metal/black)


    TZe-M951 (metal/black)

    TZe-M961 (metal/black)

    Not laminated: 8m

    TZe-N201 (blanco/negro)


    TZe-N221 (white/black)

    TZe-N231 (white/black)

    TZe-N241 (white/black)

    TZe-N251 (white/black)


    Laminated flexible ID: 8m



    TZe-FX221 (white/black)

    TZe-FX231 (white/black)

    TZe-FX241 (white/black)

    TZe-FX251 (white/black)

    TZe-FX261 (white/black)


    TZe-FX611 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-FX621 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-FX631 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-FX641 (yellowl/black)


    TZe-FX661 (yellowl/black)

    Laminated super adhesive: 8m



    TZe-S121 (blue/black)

    TZe-S131 (blue/black)

    TZe-S141 (blue/black)

    TZe-S151 (blue/black)



    TZe-S211 (white/black)

    TZe-S221 (white/black)

    TZe-S231 (white/black)

    TZe-S241 (white/black)

    TZe-S251 (white/black)

    TZe-S261 (white/black)



    TZe-S621 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-S631 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-S641 (yellowl/black)

    TZe-S651 (yellowl/black)


    Textil (fixed with iron): 3m




    TZe-FA3 (white/blue)

    TZe-FA4B (white/blue)



    Laminated security: 8m





    TZe-SE4 (white/black)



    Laminated high resolution***: 8m




    HGe-131V5 (blue degrade/black)


    HGe-151V5 (blue degrade/black)





    HGe-231V5 (white/black)


    HGe-251V5 (white/black)

    HGe -261V5 (white/black)




    HGe-631V5 (yellowl/black)


    HGe-651V5 (yellowl/black)





    HGe-M931V5 (blue degrade/black)


    HGe-M951V5 (blue degrade/black)


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