Box with integrated antenna 5 GHz 18 dB 1x1 UFL RF Elements Stationbox 518

[CMP-STB-518] Box with integrated antenna 5 GHz 18 dB 1x1 UFL RF Elements Stationbox 518

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    StationBox 5 GHz with antenna 18 dB UFL

    RF Elements STB-518

    StationBox 5 GHz with antenna 18 dB UFL

    StationBox is a universal box designed for outdoor installations. One of the main advantages of StationBox is its universability and applicability for different kinds of devices and antennas from different manufacturers. After assembling the components, there remains a compact unit. Made of high-durability plastic, it consists of 4 parts. It is supplied with a compact mounting element, which is also compatible with NanoBracket to increase its mobility at 90 ° per side.

    The design of the StationBox is simple and functional. It is a product created to last for several generations of devices, becoming a flexible and durable solution.

    Discover the flexibility of StationBox

    StationBox is prepared to install in its interior numerous models of AP / Router plates from different manufacturers. The plates are installed in the StationBox using a "base" platform and "elevators". The "base" is prepared with holes for different PCBs. One of the images shows the integration of a Ubiquiti Networks Routerboard.

    StationBox is a universal box

    StationBox allows you to install different models of antennas and devices of 2.4 and 5 GHz. 4 panels are supplied with the StationBox. Each panel is used with a different board or routerboard. Later, we can add new panels for new boards.

    Mounting kit

    The StationBox includes a compact mounting kit for mast mounting. In addition, it is compatible with NanoBracket to allow a movement of 90 ° in each direction. NanoBracket is also aesthetically integrable in StationBox, being built of the same material.

    Compatible with:

    • Mikrotik: RB411, RB411A, RB411AH, Crossroads
    • Ubiquiti Networks: WISPstation - possible to install 2 boards in 1 StationBox, RouterStation, RouterStation Pro
    • Wline: W3000G, W4000Gv4, W3000GLX
    • Compex: WP54AG, WP54G
    • Wiligear: WBD111, WBD500 in both possible to install 2 boards in 1 StationBox
    • Airlive: WL5460AP, WL5470AP, WLA9000AP
    • Alfa networks: W610
    • CC / C: WA-2204A
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