Keystone Module, CAT 6A, shielded 24 pack

[DGT-DN-93612-24] Keystone Module, CAT 6A, shielded 24 pack

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    Keystone Module, CAT 6A, shielded 24 pack

    DGT-CON6A-936121 24 pack;

    Keystone Module, CAT 6A, shielded 24 pack

    Quick and safe wire terminations without any special tool

    • The cat. 6A keystone module with 360 ° shielding supports transmission speeds of up to 10 GBit/s & 500 MHz in connection with cat. 6A or higher network installation cables
    • In connection with a modular patch panel and modular network junction boxes, the cat. 6A keystone modules are perfect for modern, structured building cabling
    • The mounting connection of the keystone module in category 6A / class EA makes tool-free installation possible for network cables with conductor cross-sections between AWG 26/7 and 22/1
    • Keystone jack with RJ45 jack is GHMT certified - design compatible with standard network sockets - LSA rails color-coded in accordance with EIA/TIA 568 A&B

    The shielded cat. 6A keystone module set DN-93615 from DIGITUS® impresses with future-oriented standards and high-end quality for your network. The compact design makes series installation possible in a 483 mm (19”) 1U panel. Tool-free installation uses LSA rails color-coded in accordance with EIA/TIA 568 A&B. Its compact design also means that the module fits in design-compatible modular junction boxes.

    Technical Details

    • Category 6A 10GBase-T, 500 MHz
    • ISO/IEC 11801 3rd Edition, EN 50173-1
    • Suitable for PoE/PoE+ (IEEE 802.3af, 3at)
    • Suitable for modular patch panel and modular wall outlet installation.
    • RJ45-Jack, 8P8C
    • Cable installation via insulation-displacement connectors, color coded in accordance with EIA/TIA 568 A & B
    • Cable grip and cable fixation using intelligent cable manager
    • Tool-free mounting connection
    • 360° shield contact
    • Case material: Zinc die-cast – nickel-plated
    • Contact material: Phosphor bronze
    • Contact coating: Nickel, gold-plated 0.5 µ
    • Insertion force: Max. 30N (as per IEC 60603-7-51)
    • Holding force: 7.7 kg between jack and plug
    • Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +70 °C (ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA 568 C.2)
    • Mating cycles: ≥ 750 (ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 60603-7-51)
    • Copper cable diameter: AWG (26/7 – 22/1), stranded and solid wire
    • Tested with AWG 22/1 solid installation cable
    • (DIGITUS® DK-174X-A-VH-X; AWG 22/1 cat. 7A installation cable)
    • Dielectric strength: 1000 VDC (contact/contact), 1500 VDC (contact/ground)
    • Tool-free installation using LSA insulation-displacement connectors color coded in accordance with EIA/TIA 568 A & B
    • Intelligent cable manager (resealable)
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 21.0 x 14.5 x 34.5 mm
    • Weight: 19.5 g
    • Colour: Silver
    • Model: Bus (jack)
    • Connection type: LSA
    • Screened: yes
    • Category: 6A (IEC)
    • Suitable for round cable: yes
    • Suitable for flat cable: no
    • Suitable for litz wire conductor: yes
    • Suitable for solid core: yes
    • Type of connector: RJ45 8(8)
    • AWG-range: 26 … 22
    • Special tool necessary: no
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