Buy Annual license Internet filter FLASH-400 and get the best price!

Annual license Internet filter FLASH-400

Annual license Internet filter FLASH-400

FlashStart - FLASH-400-LIC

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    Annual license Internet filter FlashStart 400 concurrent users, annual


    License Parental Control FlashStart 400 concurrent users, annual

    FlashStart is a cloud-based Internet filtering and malware mitigation technology for small and medium businesses, educational institutions, government and anyone else. FlashStart does not require additional hardware or software and is easily integrated with third-party access devices. In just 15 minutes, FlashStart can be connected, offering reliable filtering and monitoring without complications.

    • Anywhere and any time: FlashStart is a service in the cloud. This means that intelligent filtering technology is not installed on your device, it is hosted in a remote and secure place, in many places in the world.
    • Affordable solution: FlashStart: it is a low cost and high quality service. Everyone deserves protection from the "bad things" that the Internet can bring. So the price of FlashStart is designed to be affordable for everyone. Unlike all major competitors, it is charged for the active number of concurrent users in our service. The number of potential users of FlashStart services is unlimited.
    • About technology: FlashStart Cloud runs on geographically diverse server farms, providing high availability of services and low latency. The filtering is implemented using DNS technology that has a non-visible impact on the Internet performance of end users. FlashStart only needs to inspect the very small DNS packets that precede the data transfer process requested by the user. There is no delay after data downloads. FlashStart automatically identifies the content categories that users access and facilitates the definition of filtering rules. Rules can be created to monitor or block activity and an activity log is kept for 6 months. The filtering rules can be set by time of day and day of the week and may vary for different user communities. FlashStart can also automatically block attempts to access known malware sites, ransomware sites or sites in any country that is considered associated with a specific threat. The involuntary block can be solved efficiently (several alternatives) to support a user experience 'free of frustration'.
    • Regulatory Considerations: FlashStart conforms to many existing regulatory requirements associated with indecency laws, the protection of children, the confidentiality of data, illegal blocking, government-approved blacklists, etc.
    • Efficient Operation and Control: FlashStart provides a web-based management interface that allows a centralized IT support team to control multiple networks for multiple clients quickly and efficiently.

    Router not included, compatible with Mikrotik routers

    Download the demo from this link  



    Threat control

    Ransomware, Viruses, Trojans, Botnets and others

    Illegal control

    Illegal sexual activities, drugs, software piracy


    Based on privacy, based on decency, based on politics.


    Blocking, monitoring, registration, programming


    The programming of the access policy can vary automatically by time of day, day of the week for each category


    6 months

    Replacements requested by the user

    Process approval and unlock password forms

    Latency of data packets

    0ms without impact

    DNS packet latency

    Normally 10-50ms

    Compatible with commercial routers, open source and access devices


    Integration of third-party tools


    Support for installations

    Yes, it uses the Dynamic DNS v2 protocol

    Availability of the cloud

    99.9% (Excludes your local connection)

    Required hardware


    Initial configuration time

    Normally 15 minutes


    Within each local country

    Quick Start Guide


    Price model

    The price is established according to the number of simultaneous users

    License terms

    1 and 3 years

    Supported languages

    English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.



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