Buy Fiber optic distribution box, max capacity 9 Cores, GFS-12E-1 and get the best price!

Fiber optic distribution box, max capacity 9 Cores, GFS-12E-1

Fiber optic distribution box, max capacity 9 Cores, GFS-12E-1

Ningbo Dayang - GFS-12E-1

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    Fiber optic distribution box, max capacity 9 Cores, Box Size 274*175*82 mm
    Installation Size 140*80*184.5 mm



    Fiber optic distribution box, max capacity 9 Cores, Box Size 274*175*82 mm Installation Size 140*80*184.5 mm

    The equipment is used as a termination point between the power cable and bypass cable to connect to in the FTTH communication network system.
    The fiber splice, the division, the distribution, can be made from this box, and at the same time it provides a solid protection and management for the construction of FTTx networks
    Preferably for installation on the wall.
    Allows an effective and comfortable use in fiber installation work
    Meets the IP65 standard
    Protection against humidity, and environmental inclemency.
    Fast and reliable joints


    • Data network.
    • Perfect for FTTH networks, data center, security system, network repair etc.
    • Telecommunications Networks
    • Local Networks (LAN).


    • Material: PC + ABS, IP65 protection level.
    • Accommodation for the power cable and the connection cable, fiber division, splice, fixing, storage, distribution, etc ... all in one.
    • The hoses, tabs and network cables, all have their own housing, allowing easy distribution, in addition to the SC adapter installation cassette, it is easy to assemble
    • The distribution panel can be folded up, facilitating maintenance and installation.
    • For use both outdoors and indoors

    Does not include adapters, pigtail or splitter




    Insertion loss


    UPC return loss

    >= 50dB

    APC return loss

    >= 60dB

    Life of insertion and extraction

    > 1000 times

    Size AxBxC(mm)


    Installation Size DxExF(mm)


    Into the cable

    2 PG13.5 waterproof connector into the rope buckle


    10 2 x3mm branch cable, or 10 3 armoured optical fiber diameter

    The maximum capacity

    9 core


    ABS+PC Low smoke zero halogen

    Number of adapter

    Most SC/APC adapters nine only

    The IP rating


    Working temperature

    -40ºC to +85ºC

    Relative humidity:

    <= 85% (+30?ºC)

    Atmospheric pressure

    70KPa to 106Kpa

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