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Panasonic KX-HN6012SPW

Panasonic KX-HN6012SPW

Panasonic - KX-HN6012SPW

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    Home Security Plus Kit KX-HN6012SPW


    Panasonic KX-HN6012SPW

    Home Security Plus Kit KX-HN6012SPW 

    The Smart Home system, proud to be noisy
    By adding a sound alarm to the sensor system with a secure connection to the network, the home security plus kit is a noiseless deterrent so that potential intruders may prefer to walk away from your house before you or your neighbors come close to investigating

    What brings you?
    The Home Security Plus kit combines the convenient benefits of all Panasonic Smart Home kits with the added peace of mind of sound alarms. All of its components are easily connected to the network through a smartphone / tablet application so that activated sensors can send alerts to smart devices and landlines and can also deactivate the alarm. Other Panasonic Smart Home products can be added to suit your future needs

    Operating distance
    As a notable factor, the Panasonic Smart Home system can operate at a distance of 300 meters. This means that cameras, sensors and smart plugs can communicate with each other and also be under your control, regardless of the size of your house or garden.

    No monthly fees
    Once you have purchased the Panasonic Smart Home kit, the costs are gone. Monthly subscription fees that are typically associated with home security systems are not applied. The control application is free, there are no hidden charges to worry about.

    Safer than Wi-Fi
    Panasonic Smart Home devices do not communicate with each other over Wi-Fi, and use a hard-to-track DECT ULE (Ultra-Low Energy) closed wireless standard.

    Easy configuration
    Since the Panasonic Smart Home system works wirelessly, it is surprisingly easy to install. Simply connect the hub to the network, download the control application on your smartphone, and synchronize each device with the hub. Even the synchronization is fail-safe. Synchronizing a single block involves pushing a button on each device and a button on the hub, that's all. It is equally easy to connect additional Smart Home devices if you decide to add one later.

    Smart Hub Features
    The hub or controller is the heart of every Panasonic Smart Home system, and connects wirelessly to all other Smart Home devices. It can be configured at the push of a button and communicates with other Smart Home devices up to 300 meters away. It also connects to your home landline so you can make or receive calls through it, and you can record the images that are captured through the activated Smart Home cameras on an SD card.

    Sensors for movement safety
    Smart Home motion sensors, in addition to detecting intruders and potentially activating alarms or cameras, can be used to configure a range of convenient home automation. For example, a motion sensor activated in the stairs can turn on a light that has been connected to a smart plug in the lobby of the ground floor. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor so that pets in the house do not accidentally activate it

    Beyond doubt
    Although installed within a few seconds, Smart Home door and window sensors provide a complete and effective solution for home security. When wirelessly connected to the rest of the devices in the Smart Home system, activated door and window sensors can be configured to perform all kinds of functions, from sending an alert message to your smartphone and to your landline, until the lights go on And activate a buzzer.

    Loud and clear
    Indoor alarms can be configured to be activated in response to the motion-activated sensor, the cameras or windows and doors. Once activated, the alarm turns on a flashing light that pokes acoustic signals that no intruder, or members of the family who are sleeping, can ignore. If the high volume level of 110 dB is too much for you, you can select a lower value.

    Easy to use
    All components of the Panasonic Smart Home system can be controlled in their entirety via the smartphone or the tablet through an extraordinarily intuitive application. The application can handle everything from the live view of what your cameras capture, turn on and turn off lights, until you are alerted if the motion sensors of the windows are activated. It is even able to reproduce from the inner chamber lullabies in your baby's room. It's like having all your home inside your smartphone

    Whatever you want, when you want
    Smart Home systems can be run in three different modes. In the first, they can be in operation while you are at home, activating the functions of home automation, such as turning on the lights or sending you an alert if someone approaches the door. In the second, it can be in operation when you are away from home, activating security functions through the detection features of cameras and motion sensors and doors and windows. Finally, the entire system can be deactivated.

    Always aware
    One of the most comforting features of Smart Home systems is the variety of notification options it provides. In other words, if the system detects a problem, you will know it, no doubt. With the DECT Home Safety kit you can receive spoken descriptions of any alerts through the digital cordless phone, as well as send alerts to a smartphone and a landline.

    A modern telephone for a modern life
    In addition to contributing to the security features of the Smart Home system, the practical and economical connection features with the smartphone of Panasonic DECT cordless phones allow you to make and receive calls from your landline to smartphones to your landline from anywhere in the world. home. You can also share the contacts you have saved between your smartphones and a Panasonic DECT phone with the push of a button.

    Smart home system grows with you
    Smart Home's sophisticated network technology allows you to adapt and expand your system to suit your changing needs. You have an extensive range of additional devices at your fingertips to easily organize and tailor your home security and control network. At the touch of a button, every device you purchase will instantly pair with your Hub. In addition, Panasonic is already working on many other devices that can be incorporated into your system easily to give full coverage to your needs from home.

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