Buy LDTYL-FR3800-M5 Wireless Router Mesh and get the best price!

LDTYL-FR3800-M5 Wireless Router Mesh Reacondicionado

LDTYL-FR3800-M5 Wireless Router Mesh Reacondicionado

Yuncore - LDTYL-FR3800-M5-RFB2

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    11ac 1200Mbps Smart Wireless Router


    Device: Good condition, accessories included

    Packaging: Original packaging, worn


    11ac 1200Mbps Smart Wireless Router

    FR3800 is an high power home use mesh wireless router with the next generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, combined 1200Mbps Wi-Fi speed over 2.4GHz(300Mbps) and 5GHz(900Mbps), equipped Gigabit WAN/LAN port, 500mW high power with 5dBi omni antenna, high wall-pass-through capacity supply full Wi-Fi range for home, the fast Ethernet data rate make more than 80 end users can access into FR3800 to enjoy seamless HD movies, streaming, online gaming, wireless security and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

    It is easy to setup this smart wireless router by PC or mobile phone after login by IP address/domain/QR code scanning; It support gateway, wireless AP, Wi-Fi Repeater multiple operation mode, Smart QoS and variety advanced security, beamforming, auto channel select and Wi-Fi channel analyzer, make it work in different networking for different application, guaranty it run stably for a long time.


    Desktop Design, Round and Square available

    With desktop design, round and square available,the appearance looks like a component of home theater system, then supplied Wi-Fi or LAN Ethernet for IPTV.

    11ac dual band, 1200Mbps data rate, Gigabit WAN/LAN Ports

    Comply with 802.11ac standard, dual 2.4G and 5G band, 1200Mbps data rate with Gigabit WAN and LAN ports, the less Wi-Fi interference, high data rate ensure FR3800 to provide more stable and faster network access.

    High Power with High Gain 5dBi antenna, more Wi-Fi coverage

    With 4 group powers amplifier design, FR3800’s RF power can be 500mW, the high wall-pass-through capacity with 5dBi high gain antenna, provide full Wi-Fi coverage for the whole house.

    Firmware Features

    • Multiple operation mode in different environment for different application
    • Varieties of Login method, Intelligent and Simple to setup, it is easy to Log in this wireless router by IP address, domain name, scanning QR code, users can configure and manage it by PC, Mobile phone; Easy and intelligent to finish the configuration according to setup wizard in three steps, plug and play.
    • Smart to learn and remember dial account and password if dial account or password is forgotten, FR3800 with smart learning function, can automatically save this account and password from the router you once used and connect to the internet success.
    • Adjustable RF Power support adjustable RF power, users can increase/decrease the RF power based on environment to reach the aims like less Wi-Fi interference or more Wi-Fi coverage
    • Beamforming Technology focus wireless router’s signal toward each end user, concentrating the data transmission so that more data reach to the targeted users instead of radiating out into the atmosphere, to improve video streaming, voice quality and other bandwidth and latency-sensitive transmission.
    • Build in Wi-Fi Analyzer, automatic to select the optimal channel, the Wi-Fi analyzer will analysis the channel of surrounding wireless signal, helpful to select the optimal channel, effectively avoid Wi-Fi signal drop and latency.
    • Advanced Security and Firewall functions support varieties of encryption like WPA/WPA2/TKIP/AES, SSID hidden, firewall like IP/Port filtering URL filtering, MAC address filtering and port forwarding, DMZ to defend networking threats.
    • USB Storage function with USB port work with USB flash, work with DLNA and Samba server to share the data, music, film, games with home users, bring more fun.
    • Mesh Support function, with self-organize and self-configure ability, reduce the installation overhead, enable dynamic distribution of workloads, particularly in the even that a few nodes should fail, turn contributes to fault-tolerance and reduce maintenance costs.

    More Intelligent Functions

    • Parental Control: Parents can reasonably to plan when their kids can access into internet and control the internet time;Can scientifically manage the content the children browse to against the unhealthy content;
    • Guest Wi-Fi: Create an independent Wi-Fi for guests or visitors, to keep your main network safety.
    • Smart QoS: Reasonable to allocate the bandwidth, to supply a smooth wireless networking.
    • Timing Wi-Fi/LED on/off: It is easy to set the Wi-Fi SSID and LED indicator on/off in certain time, to meet different use habits.
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