Buy LDTYL-XD3200 Ceiling AP (48V) and get the best price!

LDTYL-XD3200 Ceiling AP Refurbished

LDTYL-XD3200 Ceiling AP Refurbished

Yuncore - LDTYL-XD3200-RFB2

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    XD3200 Dual-Band High Power Ceiling Wireless Access Point


    Device: Good condition, accessories included

    Packaging: Original packaging, worn



    XD3200 Dual-Band High Power Ceiling Wireless Access Point

    XD3200 Ceiling Wireless Access Points is specifically designed to operate in set-ups for both Residential and commercial applications. Designed with Atheros Chipset and 1W RF power to assure full WiFi coverage, whether in old buildings or modern structures. Comply with the next generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, working on 2.4GHz (300M) and 5GHz(900M) simultaneously, wireless speed up to 1200 Mbps, together with Gigabit Ethernet port, enabling users to enjoy high speed surfing, but also allows for very stable connectivity of control systems and the possibility of bridging and providing access simultaneously.

    The very stable operating devices minimize the occurrence of auto resets and prevent faulty start-ups after resetting. The flexible and simple web interface facilitates a fast, time saving configuration process for the installer.

    Designed with the End-user in mind
    The AP is designed with the end-user in mind. The very inconspicuous exterior makes sure it can be installed in most residential and commercial spaces.

    Power over Ethernet

    The XD3200 can be powered fully with PoE (Power over Ethernet), avoiding the need for power cabling throughout the building.
    The managed Access Points can be configured in up to 8 separate SSID’s, each SSID support tag VLAN to allow for simulating different wireless networks like a guest network.
    These networks can be configured to give different users, different rights that are specific to each user and their individual needs (e.g. access the network or dedicated parts of the network, access internet or just intranet, use VoIP, stream video, etc.).
    The XD3200 offers multiple security modes, which makes your data transmission safer. The Unified Management System based on X86 allows network administrators to centrally manage IP Address, SSID, Security Settings, firmware upgrading etc for all the LAN APs.
    What’s more, this wireless access point work with Cloud Management System, easy to do remote management, advertisement and captive portal authentication, which make this AP more professional in WiFi Projects.

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