Buy M0L0 powered by Tuya - Water leak detector - Zigbee and get the best price!

M0L0 powered by Tuya - Water leak detector - Zigbee

M0L0 powered by Tuya - Water leak detector - Zigbee

M0L0 - M0L0-HS1WL-TY

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    Zigbee water leak sensor. It detects any water or conductor liquid leak on the
    surface where is installed. Separated sensor of the body for easy installation
    and electronic humidity isolation. Requires a Zigbee Hub / Gateway to work.


    ZigBee Water Leak Sensor


    • Standard ZigBee protocol, good compatibility.
    • Super low power consumption design, battery lifespan can up to 2 years.
    • Separate design for body and sensor, efficiently prevent influences resulted from high humidity.
    • Low power alert and report function.
    • Free tool installation, stick and play.
    • Smart and fashion design.


    • Protocol: Zigbee
    • Working Voltage:DC3V (2*AAA battery).
    • Static current: ≤5uA
    • Alarm current:≤30mA
    • Wireless networking distance:≤70m (in the open area).
    • Working environment:-10℃ ~ +50℃.
    • Working humidity: ≤ 95%RH.
    • Body Dimension: 76*36.6*16.5mm.
    • Sensor Dimensions: 28.3*26.5*12.2mm.
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