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Mikrotik Metal 5 High Power 5 GHz Metal RouterBOARD. 120 Mb/s real - Refurbished

Mikrotik Metal 5 High Power 5 GHz Metal RouterBOARD. 120 Mb/s real - Refurbished

Mikrotik - MKT-RBMetal5SHPn-RFB2

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    Mikrotik RouterBOARD Metal-5SHPn Industrial High Power 5GHz 802.11a/n - RouterOS L4
    Discontinued by the manufacturer.
    Equipment in good condition, some light scratches.
    Neutral box

    Metal 5SHPn

    5 GHz. real 120 Mb/s Mikrotik super high powered RouterBOARD Metal.


    The new, completely waterproof, rugged, and super high powered RouterBOARD Metal. The serious outdoor wireless device.

    Fully sealed, industrial design metal case, powered by RouterBOARD and RouterOS. 1.3 WATT of output power - to reach the last mile, in any conditions.

    It has a built-in N-male connector, and pole attachment points, so you can attach it to an antenna directly, or use a standard antenna cable. LED signal indicators make it easy to install and align.

    Package contains Metal-5SHPn, mounting loops, PoE injector, power adapter.


    Product specifications

    Product code                           RBMetal5SHPn
    Max Power consumption           11.5W
    CPU speed                               400MHz
    TX power                                31dBm
    CPU                                        AR7241
    Current Monitor                       No
    RAM                                        64MB
    Architecture                             MIPS-BE
    LAN ports                                1
    Gigabit                                    No
    MiniPCI                                    0
    Integrated Wireless                  Yes
    Wireless standards                   802.11a/n
    Power Jack                              No
    802.3af support                       No
    PoE                                         8-30V DC
    Voltage Monitor                       Yes
    PCB temperature monitor         Yes
    CPU temperature monitor         No
    Dimensions                              177x44x44mm, 193g
    Operating System                     RouterOS v5
    Temperature range                  -30C to +70C
    RouterOS License                     Level4

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