Buy Racom Antena parabólica JRMC-680-24/26 and get the best price!

Racom Antena parabólica JRMC-680-24/26

Racom Antena parabólica JRMC-680-24/26

Racom - RCM-ANT-JRMC-680-24R

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    Antenna 0.68m, 24GHz, 42.0dBi, with holder, Class3, Jirous

    Racom Antena parabólica JRMC-680-24/26

    Antenna 0.68m, 24GHz, 42.0dBi, with holder, Class3, Jirous

    Antenna JRMC – 680 – 24/26 is designed for microwave links at the frequency band 24 and 26 GHz. Precise performance with deep reflector dish complies with standard ETSI class 3 and FCC Cat. A. 

    The antenna is supplied with a holder that allows easy mounting on a mast. The holder can be installed separately on the mast. Subsequently, you can simply hang up the antenna with microwave unit into it. The holder allows precise adjustment in both directions. Ready for right and left side mounting.

    In the areas with the expected occurrence of the strong winds mounting on the mast with minimal ø 50 mm is recommended.



    Frequency range

    24.0 – 26.5 GHz


    42.0 ± 1 dBi 

    Front to back ratio

    ≥ 69 dB

    Beamwidth-3 dB


    Return loss

    ≥ 18 dB


    Linear, vertical/horizontal 

    Electrical Compliance

    US FCC Cat. A

    Class 3 ETSI EN 302-217-4-2 v1.5.1


    ø 68 cm, Aluminium alloy 


    UV steady plastic ABS


    Circle waveguide Ø 8 mm

    Installation on mast 

    ø 40 - 120 mm 

    Operating wind load

    180 km/h (112 mph)

    Survival wind load

    240 km/h (149 mph)

    Weight of antenna

    7 kg (15 lbs.)

    Weight of holder 

    3.2 kg (7.0 lbs.)

    Shipping dimension

    800 x 800 x 360 mm/ 14,5 kg (31,7 lbs.)

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