Buy Racom RAy2-11 Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 11 GHz and get the best price!

Racom RAy2-11 Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 11 GHz

Racom RAy2-11 Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 11 GHz

Racom - RCM-RAy2-11

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    Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 11 GHz for high-speed point-to-point microwave link,
    sub-banda low (10.695-10.970) up (11.185-11.460)


    Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 11 GHz for high-speed point-to-point microwave link, sub-banda low (10.695-10.970) up (11.185-11.460)

    This equipment works in a licensed band. In order to operate with it, it is essential to obtain the license of use issued by the authoritycompetent national authority. Landatel Comunicaciones S.L. is not responsible for the conditions of use of this equipment. Landatel CommunicationsS.L. will not accept returns of the equipment when the reason is the denial of the license

    RAy is the high-speed point-to-point microwave link developed and manufactured entirely by RACOM, a global leader in the development and production of industrial-grade wireless equipment.

    This radio equipment, fully prepared for outdoor use and defined by software to operate in the 10 GHz band, has been designed to establish long-range links with maximum reliability, even in the most demanding conditions. All the important avant-garde concepts have been carefully implemented without making concessions.

    Consistent with the twenty years of RACOM's tradition in the industrial market, it has become a norm that all its products stand out in their technical parameters, professional design and exceptional reliability and quality.

    The exceptional gain of the system and the resistance to disturbances (thanks, for example, to a unique design of the input filter) make the RAy device the preferred product for both microwave links and last mile links.

    • 11 GHz
    • Narrow channels (1.75 MHz)
    • Maximum distances and reliability
    • Tolerance to interference and obstacles
    • Each unit tested -30 to + 55 ° C
    • Low energy consumption
    • Fully prepared for outdoor, easy installation


    • 1 optical port and 1 metal port configurable as 2 user ports, or 1 user port and 1 user port
    • PoE and CC (20 - 60 V)
    • Modem optimized for IPTV, MTU 10240 B
    • Hardware reset button to reset client settings

    Long range and spectrum efficiency

    • High robustness of the radio receiver against unwanted interference
    • Exceptional sensitivity guaranteed that allows:
    • achieve high data rates even in the most demanding conditions
    • links on extreme distances
    • cost savings through the use of smaller antennas
    • The combination of low order modulations and narrow channels allows the construction of reliable links even in conditions without line of sight.
    • The availability of high order operation modulations in narrow channels (from 1.75 MHz) allows:
    • implement high-speed links when there are only narrow channels available
    • Multiply the number of high-speed links in high-traffic sites
    • cost savings in licensing fees
    • High availability link design

    Low cost solution

    Low energy consumption and easy installation
    FOD (totally prepared for exteriors), does not need interior space
    Low logistics and storage costs
    the entire band covered only with two sub-bands (RA and 11 GHz)
    universal unit L / U (17, 18, 24 GHz)


    • 3 years warranty
    • Only high performance components or for industrial use
    • Robust filter input without adjustable components
    • Protection against overvoltages and electrostatic transients
    • Operating temperature range from -30 ° C to + 55 ° C (-22 to 131 ° F) certified
    • Each unit is subjected to rigorous tests in a climatic chamber

    Data speed and performance

    • Modulation rate of up to 360 Mbps
    • Modulation selectable by SW: QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM
    • ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) without interruption, allows an operation without loss of data
    • ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) increases the reliability of the link under inhospitable conditions


    • FOD (fully prepared for outdoor), aluminum body, direct mounting to the satellite dish
    • Change polarization of the signal simply by turning 90 ° (4 fixing screws)
    • Installation and configuration tasks can be completed in minutes
    • Direct mounting of the unit to antennas of several manufacturers. Flexible waveguide as a general purpose option


    • Web Interface
    • Monitoring and history of output power, temperature, power supply, RSS, SNR, BER, data rate, available as text and graphics
    • SNMP including the generation of TRAPs when the predefined thresholds are exceeded
    • Integrated spectrum analyzer for the search of free channels
    • Automatic polarization detection of the unit
    • Constellation diagram of the received signal

    Security and integrity

    • Configuration via HTTPS, SSH
    • The station at the other end can be permanently paired and monitored to prevent unauthorized change of stations
    • Theft protection: unique SSH key for each serial number


    • Compliance with all relevant international standards
    • Key parameters measured and confirmed by certified laboratory

    The pack includes the radios of both ends necessary to establish a point-to-point link. If you need to purchase an individual equipment please get in contact.




    LAN network extension

    • Corporate clients
    • Fiber optic replacement
    • Interconnection from building to building
    • Key advantages:
      • Low and constant latency <0.1 ms
      • Two user ports available
      • Ethernet, transparent L2 layer
      • Excellent resistance to interference

    Internet access providers (ISP)

    • Trunk and last mile high priority
    • High traffic with multiple TCP data flows
    • Key advantages:
      • Free Bands and ISM licensed
      • Both ports, optical and metallic
      • Proven solution for IPTV
      • Web interface including diagnostics
      • SNMP Standard VLAN Management + SNM traps

    Telemetry and SCADA

    • Maximum emphasis on reliability and speed of response of networks
    • High speed trunk
    • Small data packets should be processed as quickly as possible
    • Key advantages
      • High reliability
      • 24 VDC power
      • Long-range links, narrow channels
      • Low operating costs
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