Buy Racom RAy3-24 Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 24 GHz and get the best price!

Racom RAy3-24 Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 24 GHz

Racom RAy3-24 Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 24 GHz

Racom - RCM-Ray3-24

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    Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 24 GHz for high-speed point-to-point microwave link


    Pack of 2 ODU (High, Low) 24 GHz for high-speed point-to-point microwave link

    Note: This equipment uses a frequency range that can be restricted in your country. Please, be sure you can use it before to buy it, Landatel will not assume any responsability

    RAy is the high-speed point-to-point microwave link developed and manufactured entirely by RACOM, a global leader in the development and production of industrial-grade wireless equipment.

    This radio equipment, fully prepared for outdoor use and defined by software to operate in the 24 GHz band, has been designed to establish long-range links with maximum reliability, even in the most demanding conditions. All the important avant-garde concepts have been carefully implemented without making concessions.

    Consistent with the twenty years of RACOM's tradition in the industrial market, it has become a norm that all its products stand out in their technical parameters, professional design and exceptional reliability and quality.

    The exceptional gain of the system and the resistance to disturbances (thanks, for example, to a unique design of the input filter) make the RAy device the preferred product for both microwave links and last mile links.

    The pack includes the radios of both ends necessary to establish a point-to-point link. If you need to purchase an individual equipment please get in contact.


    • Each unit tested in a climate chamber and in real traffic.
    • Robust entry filter without adjustable components
    • All of our free band units comply with licensed band standards
    • Built-in surge protections
    • Industrial components of high resistance.
    • Heavy-duty industrial housing made of die-cast aluminum.
    • - 30 to +55 ° C
    • 3 year warranty

    Security and integrity

    • FEC, interleaved, patented data compression.
    • Proprietary protocol in the radio channel.
    • Assigned peer unit permanently monitored
    • Management - https, ssh,
    • Single ssh key for each unit
    • Role-based access control (2 levels)
    • Encryption AES256 (RAy3)

    Long range and data speed

    • Outstanding robustness against noise and interference.
    • Hitless ACM, ATPC
    • Exceptional sensitivity: up to -99 dBm.
    • Narrow channels: 3.5 - 112 MHz (RAy3)
    • Wide range modulation options: QPSK - 4096 QAM (RAy3)
    • Asymmetric channels (RAy3)
    • Solution 2 + 0 for available double speed (10, 11, 18 GHz)

    Easy to install and maintain

    • Outdoor unit complete with aluminum housing.
    • Direct mounting to satellite dishes.
    • Simple signal polarization change through the rotation of the unit
    • Built-in spectrum analyzer for free channel search
    • RSS voltage output for antenna alignment
    • 17, 24 GHz: the same HW for both units L / U
    • HW button for factory and customer settings.
    • RAy2 and RAy3 are mechanically compatible

    Configuration and diagnosis

    • Web interface or CLI through SSH
    • Non-intrusive management via USB using ETH / USB adapter or WiFi / USB adapter with DHCP
    • SNMP including traps and Reports
    • Automatic detection of unit polarization.
    • Constellation diagram of the received signal.
    • Temperature, supply voltage, RSS, MSE, BER, data rate, Status of the output power and available history. as text or pictures

    Mobile app, RAy tools

    • Wifi connection between unit and mobile phone.
    • Link calculation
    • margin of fading for a given distance
    • Alignment of the antenna
    • RSS and SNR, visualization and acoustic notification.
    • Link management
    • sensitive web interface

    The pack includes the two radios needed to establish a point-to-point link. If you need to purchase an individual equipment please get in touch.





    Max. Speed

    1 Gbps

    2048 QAM

    112 MHz

    Speed / 56MHz

    540 Mbps

    4096 QAM


    24 GHz

    Asymmetric channels


    Channel size

    3.5 – 112 MHz



    16 – 4096 QAM

    AES 256


    Sync Eth, PTP



    8 kV

    Surge immunity

    4 kV




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