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RF-Armor UNBK5

RF-Armor UNBK5


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    RF-Armor Kit Nanobridge 12 pulgadas



    RF-Armor NanoBridge and NanoBeam Kits for NB5G22 and NBE M5 300

    Shielding designed for the Ubiquiti 5 GHz 12" NanoBridge and NanoBeam.

    Lower noise floor
    Cleaner signal
    Superior signal to noise ratio
    Less wireless retries and errors
    Higher sustainable air rates
    Up to 50% increase in performance


    Reduce unwanted RF energy from the back, sides, top, and bottom outside the designed beam from reaching the antenna and radio keeping the radio focused on the intended signal.

    Co locate several radios close together with out self interference and a much lower noise floor!

    Increased performance and throughput.

    The kit will NOT increase the gain of the antenna, however it will lower the noise floor providing a much cleaner signal allowing for higher sustainable air rates.

    Made from marine grade aluminum.

    (Nanobridge is not included in the kit)

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