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Repeatit Infinity SU116-N36

Repeatit Infinity SU116-N36

Repeatit - RP-INF-SU116-N36

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    Infinity SU116 3.5 GHz 100 Mbps CPE 16 dBi MIMO Antenna , 5-40 MHz, 100baseT



    Repeatit Infinity SU116-N36


    Highly scalable Point to Multipoint with a next gen management system


    The Repeatit Infinity range enables ISPs, carriers, businesses and under-served regions to extend network connectivity with a highly scalable Point to Multipoint platform supported by next generation management.
    Repeatit Infinity unites high quality Point to Multipoint with management built by network operators for network operators to overcome roll-out obstacles, economic challenges and support issues.


    Through integration with RCS, Repeatit’s free network management software, Infinity reduces cost and time of deployment, greatly increases ability to troubleshoot remotely whilst also providing users with a wire-like wireless connection.
    Due to it’s technological and commercial advantages, Infinity is widely used by ISPs, carriers, network operators in large-scale networks in under-served markets.


    Smart Software, Innovative Hardware Repeatit Infinity hardware is designed to provide solid wire-like wireless connections at a cost effective price. By uniting innovatively priced, high quality hardware with a smart software mangement system, Repeatit Infinity goes futher pushing both technological and commercial boundaries.


    Markets & Applications
    Repeatit Infinity is deployed globally for ISP, business and integrator connectivity due to the best price vs. performance hardware and unique management. Applications include rural broadband, ISP connectivity, large private networks and connectivity to under-served / developing regions.


    Repeatit RCS Management
    Free to all Repeatit customers, RCS is Repeatit’s advanced network management tool which simplifies networks making deployment and management cost effective greatly enhancing network & customer visibility.


    Simple Deployment & Network Roll-out
    The RCS management platform enables operators to deploy “zero-touch” networks using a unique configuration technique where a subscriber can simply obtain it’s IP settings from a base station using mac-based authentication reducing the need for manual config. This greatly reduces cost of installation for ISPs and number of human errors made by engineers.


    Network Operator CRM
    As well as providing a leading management solution, Repeatit RCS also works as a CRM designed for network operators & ISPs. With customer fields such as name, address, status and a system for providing note updates, RCS can be used to see which potential customers may want to upgrade their bandwidth package or take advantage of other services the ISP/operator offers.

    Rich Network Analytics
    At the heart of Repeatit’s RCS is a powerful network analytics tool providing details from invidual link statistics to usage broken down by geographical area.


    Fault Finding & Simple Troubleshooting
    Each Repeatit Infinity & Trinity unit that is managed by RCS has a connection score out of 100 indicating the radio strength & performance of wireless connection. From this score, network admins can determine whether engineers are needed saving time & money.


    Full Remote Configuration & Management
    The RCS platform enables full remote configuration & management of both Infinity &
    Trinity units enabling the network operator the change vital settings as and when needed.


    Critical Alerts in Realtime
    Repeatit RCS has a realtime alert engine that instantly notifies an administrator when connections are down or when anomalies appear, providing critical to day to day network runnings.






    • 100Mbps (reales)


    • Antena 16dBi Dual Pol


    • Perfil bajo, factor de forma delgado


    • IP66 Rated

    Otros parámetros

    • -40°/+55° C
    • Protección contra descargas
    • Anchos de canal seleccionables: 5/10/20/40 MHz


    1. Repeatit Control System (RCS)
    2. Local Web
    3. SNMP

    Variaciones del producto

    1. 5GHz: 5.15-5.845
    2. 3GHz: 3.35-3.75


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