Ubiquiti AF-5G23-S45

[UBN-AF-5G23-S45] Ubiquiti AF-5G23-S45

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    Ubiquiti AF-5G23-S45 - Dish Antenna 5GHz AirFiber, 23dBi, SlAnt 45


    Ubiquiti AF-5G23-S45 - 5 GHz airFiber X Antenna Dish, 23dBi, Slant 45

    The airFiber® X Antennas feature significant advances in noise isolation and beam performance to complement the airFiber X radios for carrier backhauls and Point-to-Point (PtP) bridging.


    Compact Footprint for Deployment Flexibility

    The compact form factor allows the airFiber X Antennas to be used in various applications, from carrier backhauls between towers to PtP bridging between buildings.

    Plug and Play Integration

    The airFiber X Antennas are designed to integrate seamlessly with the airFiber X radios.

    Advanced RF Isolation Design

    The innovative industrial design improves RF isolation to significantly reduce interference and deliver superior gain for high-capacity, multipoint networks.

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