Buy Unifore VS-WH600 - Wireless motion sensor RF 433 MHz. and get the best price!

Unifore VS-WH600 - Wireless motion sensor RF 433 MHz.

Unifore VS-WH600 - Wireless motion sensor RF 433 MHz.

Unifore - UNF-VS-WH600

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    Wireless PIR Motion Sensor - Pet Immune

    Unifore VS-WH600

    Wireless PIR Motion Sensor - Pet Immune 

    Unifore is pleased to release new motion sensor - VS-WH600, which is a pet immune wireless motion detector for wireless alarm system. This a slick, compact and cutting-edge motion detector which is based on passive infrared motion detection theory which detects moving body heat and reports it to the alarm panel through wireless radio frequency. This passive infrared motion sensor is ideal for home owners who want to install a reliable, low false alarm rate, plus pet-immune motion detector for home, shop, office security & protection.

    Pet immune is its key feature for this new design motion detector, it allows user to choose different working modes including Pet immune, Normal, Anti-crawl. Additionally, it adopts pet immune lens which can intelligently reduce the false alarms which are caused by small animals, pest, pets.

    Its pet immunity is 20kg, which means animals weighting up to 20 kg are ignored by the detector. Please note that despite the words "Pet immune to 20 kg" it's possible that animals with a lower weight trigger the detector. To avoid false alarm, detector should be installed properly according to the instruction manual. The risk of false triggering is particularly high when the animal is moving, jumping or flying in the vicinity of the detector.

    This is a wide detection angle passive infrared motion sensor, its detection range covers 12m*12m and 100°. VS-WH600 is powered by batteries (2* 1.5V AA), which can be easily replaced once batteries run out.


    Main Features

    • Elegant aesthetic design motion sensor
    • 100 degrees, detection range is up to 12 meters
    • Pet immune to 20 kg, indoor installation
    • Pet immune, normal, anti-crawl working modes
    • Low power consumption design
    • Works with 2*1.5V AA batteries
    • EDS/Anti-electric shock/Anti-mobile interference design
    • Anti-white light design
    • Up to 100 meters, RF wireless transmission range
    • Working with 433MHz/868MHz wireless alarm panels
    • Included with swivel bracket for wall/ceiling mounted installation


    Technical Parameter

    Power supply

    2 * 1.5V AA Batteries

    Stand by current


    Alarm current


    Installation Height

    1.8m - 2.4m

    Installation Method

    Wall/Ceiling mounted

    Detection Range

    12m * 12m, 100°


    Duel-core PIR sensors

    Pulse count

    2/3 Level Adjustable


    High/Low for choosing

    Temperature Compensation

    Auto compensation

    Detection Speed

    0.2m/s - 3.5m/s


    0.1 - 500MHz/30V/m

    White light protection


    Working temperature

    -10C~ 55C

    Wireless Frequency


    RF range

    >=100 meters (Open space)

    Pet immunity




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