Unifore VS-WQ300 - Wireless Gas detector RF 433 MHz.

[UNF-VS-WQ300] Unifore VS-WQ300 - Wireless Gas detector RF 433 MHz.

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    Wireless gas leak detector

    Unifore VS-WQ300

    Wireless gas leak detector RF 433 MHz.


    Wireless Gas Detector Main Features

    Auto reset
    Designed to detect Natural gas & LPG
    High reliability sensor

    MCU processing adopted
    Malfunction auto-check indicator
    SMT manufacture technology, good stability
    Execute criterion:GB15322; EN50194;UL1484


    Wireless Gas Detector Technical Parameter

    Operating voltage: AC110V or 220V
    Alarm output: Wireless transmission; sound & flash alarm
    Sending frequency: 315M/433M
    Sound level: 85dB/3 meters
    Installation: Wall mounted
    Gas species: LPG & Natural gas
    Alarm level: 10%±5%LEL
    Rated power: 3W
    Dimension: 110*70*40mm

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