Buy Unifore VS-WZD - Wireless vibration sensor RF 433 MHz. and get the best price!

Unifore VS-WZD - Wireless vibration sensor RF 433 MHz.

Unifore VS-WZD - Wireless vibration sensor RF 433 MHz.

Unifore - UNF-VS-WZD

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    Wireless vibration detector

    Unifore VS-WZD

    Wireless vibration detector

    VS-WZD is professional and most reliable wireless vibration detector can work with wireless alarm system. Different from other vibration detector (voice detection based), the new wireless vibration detector is based vibration mechanical method for accurate vibration detection. Vibration detector is a professional device for wall and glass perimeter protection. The sensor can be installed on doors and windows, as well as wall. The vibration sensor operates on the principle that when the door or window or walls vibrated by the intruder shock or dig, will trigger and send wireless signal to alarm system.


    Main Features:

    Accurate vibration detection based on mechanical detection method (not acoustic)
    Send alarm signal via RF (433.92MHz), work with wireless alarm
    Sensitivity setting: Low, Middle, High


    Technical Parameter:

    Working Voltage: DC12V 23A Battery (included)
    Battery life: 1 to 2 years
    Standby current: ?5uA
    Transmitting current: ?15mA
    Working Frequency: 433.92MHz
    Sending distance: 100m (in the open area)
    Coding Type: eV1527 Learning Technology

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