Buy Unifore VS-YY700 - Wired smoke detector and get the best price!

Unifore VS-YY700 - Wired smoke detector

Unifore VS-YY700 - Wired smoke detector

Unifore - UNF-VS-YY700

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    Wired smoke detector

    Unifore VS-YY700

    Wired smoke detecftor


    Key Features:

    ASIC control, Special chamber design has greatly decreased dust levels.
    Manual test, auto-reset 
    Infrared photoelectric sensor and improved detection accuracy
    Network output / LED indicator
    Thin structure design, advanced technology enables this detector to increase its precision in fire detection
    Strong adaptability to circumstance
    SMT adopted
    Dustproof, mothproof and anti-white light
    Low power indication


    Technical Parameters:

    Operating voltage: DC 9-16V
    Standby current: less than 200uA
    Alarm current: less than 20mA
    Operating temp.: -10?to +50?
    Working humidity: less than 95% RH
    Alarm mode: network output / LED indicator
    Detecting area: 20 square meter 
    Sensitivity: class I 
    Alarm output: relay output (N.C.)
    Dimension: 100mm dia.*55mm deep

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