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MTI Wireless MT-482016/N/A - Omnidirectional Antenna 5 GHz. 8.5 dBi Male N connector

MTI Wireless MT-482016/N/A - Omnidirectional Antenna 5 GHz. 8.5 dBi Male N connector

MTi - WRL-MTO-5085

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    8.5 dBi 5.4-5.8 GHz Omnidirectional Antenna MESH MTI 5 GHz

    MTO-5085 (MT-482016/N/A)

    8.5 dBi 5.4-5.8 GHz Omnidirectional Antenna

    The 5 GHz omnidirectional antennas from MTI Wireless Edge offer high gain for reliable long-range wireless data communication at an economical price. These antennas are completely waterproof and will provide years of reliable error-free operation.


    Key Features

    • High-Quality Low-Cost
    • Lightweight antenna with easy installation
    • Low profile
    • Environmental friendly
    • Various polarities
    • Various configurations such as standalone, integrated or internal component
    • Narrow and broad band
    • Meets ETSI electrical and environmental requirements
    • Very aesthetic look


    • Provides High performance Low Cost subscriber
    • Reduces the cost of installation
    • Maintains real estate aesthetic look and value
    • Generates low wind load




    Model MT-482016/N/A
    Frequency Range  5.470 - 5.875 GHz
    Gain 8.5 dbi +/- 0.6 db
    VSWR < 1.7:1
    Beamwidth  360º / 10º
    Polarization Vertical
    Impedance 50 ohms
    Input Power (Max) 4 Watt 
    Size 16x337 mm
    Antenna Weight 0.5 kg.
    Connector N-Male
    Radome Plastic
    Base Plate  Aluminum with chemical conversion coating 



    Temperature Range: -45 to +70 degree per IEC 68
    Vibration: : Random 4M3 per IEC 60721
    Mechanical Shock: 4M3 per IEC 60721
    Humidity: 95% per ETSI EN300
    Water Tightness: Per IEC 529 IP67
    Salt Spray: 500 hours per IEC 68
    Solar Radiation: 1000 hours per ASTM G53
    Ice and Snow: 25mm Radial
    Wind Speed: 160 Kmph Operation/220 Kmph Survival
    Flammability: UL-94HB (excluding MT-485028/N)

    All specifications are subject to change without notice
    Preliminary specs are for antennas under development
    Upon request MTI may provide the complete spec controlled document for specific antenna

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