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PC-Engines CF-16GB - Compact Flash Card 16 GB

PC-Engines CF-16GB - Compact Flash Card 16 GB

PCEngines - CMP-CF-16GB

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    CompactFlash card 16 GB SLC

    CF16G - CompactFlash 16GB

    • SMI 2232 controller

    • SLC flash

    • Supports UDMA


    • Mikrotik RouterOS is very critical with CF controllers, not recommended.  

    • These boards support DMA, must disable DMA on WRAP.1C / .1D / .2C boards.  

    • NAND flash does not have unlimited lifetime.  

    • SLC flash offers longer life (100K vs. 10K erase cycles) and better read performance.

    • This CF is not compatible with Mikrotik RouterBoards RB1000 and RB1000U.

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