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Smart cities

More Connected, Livable and Efficient

Smart city is a place where digital solutions are leveraged to enhance the use of traditional networks and services, with the aim to benefit businesses and improve the quality of life for the residents under the fasting-growing population trend.


  • Enable seamless flow of data from millions of nodes and devices.

  • Create an intelligent, efficient, interconnected network for transporting data.

  • Build a resilient and highly available information network to keep all services and applications online.


  • Boost Productivity and Enhance Safety of Factories

  • Optimize Transportation and Logistics Management

  • Enhance Transaction Process Safety and Efficiency

  • Improve Energy Management & Utility Remote Access



Integrating Milesight Pressure Sensors For Greater Operational Efficiency of Fire Protection System in Logistics Park China

Fire protection systems are life-saving infrastructure rather than DIY projects. Overall, nowadays less than 50 percent of fire protection systems across China are being inspected as they should be. This is largely because of the labor shortage of skilled inspectors. Therefore, instead of sending inspectors to the field, where they can only get to a few job sites a day, a more efficient process would deploy smart devices that allow these inspectors to monitor remotely. Moreover, as LoRaWAN® proliferates, it not only aims to make life easier and cooler but also promises to enhance the operational efficiency of the fire protection systems that are designed to provide life safety. In this smart logistic park, Milesight LoRaWAN® based pipe pressure sensors and water level sensors are affixed to the water pipes and water tanks for monitoring the pipe pressure and water level in real-time.

Featured Products

  • EM500-PP Pipe Pressure Sensor

  • EM500-SWL Submersible Water Level Sensor

  • UC1152 Controller with RS232/RS485 interface

Milesight ultrasonic distance/level sensor ensures boiler safety by measuring expansion distance in power plant

As a technology-intensive production plant, thermal power plants are more prone to accidents. Statistics show that boiler problems account for more than 70% of the total accidents in power plants in China, whereas the leakage and blasting accidents caused by super-heater, re-heater, economizer, and water wall are the major problems that plague the safety production in power plants. Therefore, anti-wear and explosion-proof are the foundation to ensure the safe and stable operation of boilers economically. During the production process, the boiler water is gradually heated, vaporized, expanded, the water level rises, then the pressure-bearing components of the boiler absorb the pressure from the steam, and each expansion indicator increases its expansion amount accordingly. In these circumstances, the Milesight ultrasonic distance/level sensor provides precise, non-contact distance measurement to constantly monitor changes in expansion. With the data, we can compare with the pre-configuration of expansion to prevent and eliminate the potential hazards.

Featured Products

  • Milesight EM500-UDL Sensor

  • Accelerometer Temperature Sensor 

  • LoRaWAN® Gateway