Compra tu Parte Pigtail 15 cm UFL/rSMA Hembra en Landatel al mejor precio!

Parte Pigtail 15 cm UFL/rSMA Hembra

Parte Pigtail 15 cm UFL/rSMA Hembra

Landatel - CMP-PGS-HH15

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    Mini PCI to RP-SMA Antena Pigtail WiFi

    Landatel PGS-HH15 - Pigtail UFL-RP-SMA Female 15 cm (unit)

    •  This coaxial cable has a standardized design, compatible with most antenna devices.

    • Applicable for WIFI antenna, router antenna, phone antenna and other antenna modules

    • Impedance of ½50 ohms, SMA female coaxial to u.FL / IPX / IPEX low loss in signal transmission

    • 15 cm length for u.fl extension to SMA RP antenna adapter cable

    • 1.13mm Cable ipx sma terminal block black color, wide application: cell phones, antenna, WLAN, Mini PCI, Bluetooth, PDA, GPS, drones, transmitters, electronic measuring instruments

    • RP SMA female (Pin in the center) to IPX ufl coaxial female connector

    • RP SMA male connectors (center hole, internal thread) and IPX male connectors 

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